2018 Bristol Bay FISH EXPO Program

Don't miss a thing on June 8th and 9th at the 2018 Bristol Bay FISH EXPO.    Check out the calendar here.    Keep checking back as we continue to enhance and formalize the program. 

Did you know that the Bristol Bay fleet is coming together at the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association annual meeting on June 9th?            

Prior to their meeting, their membership is invited to our Commercial Buyers Forum.   

Join us to hear directly from commercial seafood buyers who source, purchase, distribute and market Alaska wild salmon in regional and national markets.     This years guest represent three distinctly different channels for our seafood markets;  Restaurant/Catering, Retail and Distributor. 

Learn what it’s like to be in the boots of the seafood buyer in June 2018, in the face of an ever changing market place.            

You will learn about each of these buyers, their role and experience that has brings them to Bristol Bay FISH EXPO summer 2018.        Hear about their respective companies, what and how they buy product and how they determine quality and product specifications.   

We are excited about this event, as it brings together the decision-makers, directly with the fleet for ultimate transparency of Bristol Bay’s wild seafood supply chain.   The BBRSDA quarterly meeting immediately follows. 



Bristol Bay FISH EXPO