Bristol Bay FISH EXPO Is A Fundraiser

Did you know that the Bristol Bay FISH EXPO is a fundraiser for the Little Angels Childcare Academy in Naknek, Alaska?        Watch the video to learn why it was necessary to provide a solution in the community.    The organizers, Katie and Sharon were determined to provide a sustainable funding source for the childcare center through a meaningful event that also supported stronger connections for the region and its population.  

Check out the video here.        

Interested in supporting the childcare center?      

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Bristol Bay Expo (our annual fundraiser) is critical to support of Little Angels Childcare Academy.   With your support in 2018, we will be completing our official certifications, as well as, recruitment of a professional Program Manager.    Our community of Naknek (600) supports the 10's of thousands of visitors who annually make their way to work in the largest wild fisheries harvest in the world.  Supporting the Bristol Bay FISH EXPO accomplishes for our community a safe, nurturing, consistent environment for our children.

Bristol Bay FISH EXPO