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We want to thank, wholeheartedly, all the vendors, participants, sponsors, donors, volunteers and everyone involved in making the 2018 Bristol Bay Fish Expo such a wonderful and successful event. The planning for 2019 is underway and dates will be confirmed soon!

—Katie and Sharon

Naknek, Alaska

Katie Copps-Wilson and Sharon Thompson, Bristol Bay FISH EXPO Founders/Organizers


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June 9th & 10th 2019 | Naknek, AK

Registration opens November 18, 2018



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Thank You To Our Generous 2018 Event Sponsors ...

Supporting the Future...

The 2nd Annual Bristol Bay Fish Expo is a fundraising event for the benefit of the Little Angels Childcare Academy 501(c)(3) Nonprofit (LACA) located in Naknek, Alaska.   Learn more here.

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Set in the Heart of Bristol Bay...

The Bristol Bay Fish Expo trade show event brings the community and seafood industry together to gear up, conduct business and talk fish. Bristol Bay's commercial salmon fishery has been going strong for over 130 years. This incredible natural resource has provided food, jobs and a way of life for generations. As we gear up to harvest and process, we're also getting informed on sustainability because the future of wild salmon is in our hands.

 Viktor Thompson and Julius Savo picking the fishing net near the Port of Bristol Bay on the Naknek River in Alaska.

Viktor Thompson and Julius Savo picking the fishing net near the Port of Bristol Bay on the Naknek River in Alaska.

The Future of Our Youth...

The 2nd Annual Bristol Bay Fish Expo is sponsored by the Little Angels Childcare Academy 501(c)(3) Non Profit located in Naknek, Alaska. This event will be held on June 8th & 9th 2018 as a fundraising event to support early education and childcare to bring about the economic and social well being our community needs. 


Our Rich History...

In 2018 the 2nd Annual Bristol Bay Fish Expo will highlight the rich history that has sustained our vital industry and provide the venue for developing a dynamic future. As a result the theme of the 2018 fundraising event is Celebrating Our Past | Sustaining Our Future.

Historian Katherine Ringsmuth PHD will be our featured Keynote speaker and will be hosting MugUp throughout the Bristol Bay Fish Expo Event. Her ongoing work to preserve the rich history of Bristol Bay is now focused on the <NN> Cannery History Project. This dynamic project is a platform that intersects education, preservation, and interpretation with community engagement.

The <NN> Cannery Project is intended to inspire, benefit and remember the voice of the people. We aim to preserve and share the narratives of the corporate owners, cannery workers, local residents, and fishermen, whose activities are reflected by and embedded in the industrial landscape contained within the historic <NN> Cannery property at South Naknek.