Top 10 Reasons To Attend 2nd Annual Bristol Bay FISH EXPO

  1.  Support the Little Angels Childcare Academy.  This is a fundraiser!
  2.  Connect with your fellow community members (visiting and permanent) to make the strongest possible connections for business, friendship, mutual respect and support.
  3. Learn about vendors that offer products and services that are of specific benefit to Bristol Bay, Alaska.  (Tradeshow)
  4. Learn and be part of Bristol Bay's history by being at the Opener and hearing from Historian Dr, Katie Ringsmuth.  Bring your photo's, articles and stories for the remainder of the event on June 8th and 9th during the Mug-Up to continue the tradition of honoring our history - together.
  5. Get up on the latest fashion and accessories for the 2018 fishing season at the Bristol Bay FISH EXPO Fashion Show.     You want to be fishing fashionable, don't you?     
  6. Attend the BB FISH EXPO Alaska Gubernatorial Debate to hear what policy makers have to say about Alaska and our fishing industry.   
  7. Get hired/Find help.   Our speed hiring event is designed to rapidly get those seeking jobs and those seeking help to get right down to it for the 2018 season.
  8. Bid on the live auction!   Step up and bid on items of clothing, equipment and products for a successfully fishing season.
  9.  Show your support for the community that welcomes the largest wild sockeye salmon harvests in the world.
  10. Get ahead of your competition with the knowledge and networks you gain as a result of your participation.   

SponsorRegister for one of the last remaining booths. AttendDonate.

*If you are a resident of Bristol Bay, please use your zipcode in the discount/coupon for a reduced/waived rate.   

Bristol Bay FISH EXPO