Auction Donation and Online Catalog Now Open

Donation categories:

  • phones, tablets, computer (cell/internet/satellite)

  • sonar and other electronic trends for vessels

  • insurance, legal, finance, tax services

  • general vessel parts/equipment

  • graphic design, web services, printing, embroidery services

  • airline tickets, cruise,

  • lodge visits/experiences

  • rooms/lodging

  • experiences: flight seeing, sport fishing, cruise

  • food/beverage products and/or services

Naknek, Alaska – May 1, 2018   “Today we launch our auction portal where donations can easily be submitted and immediately rendered in our Bristol Bay FISH EXPO on-line catalog.”, announces organizer, Katie-Copps Wilson. “The auction is the biggest opportunity to generate funds to support Little Angels Childcare Center and a fabulous way for vendors to the commercial fishing industry to feature their products and services in front of the audience that influences and buys.”  Naknek is home to 10 major seafood processors and a fleet of nearly 1000 at the northeastern end of Bristol Bay.

This year’s fashion show will feature the latest in rain gear used on commercial fishing boats including such new to market items such as the NEW Grundéns Deck-Boss Boot.    This event was the highlight in 2017 and expected to continue to draw the largest crowd to watch the latest fashions that are uniquely designed for their profession and lifestyle. The live auction offers up these fashion items, as well as donated products and services such as videography services (Steelbird Productions) and a brailer (Nomar). This year’s auctioneer is Dan Newman, a born and raised Alaskan and owner of Alaska Premier Auctions, bringing  a high-energy level energy throughout the event.

Fashion Show and Live Auction in a remote Alaska fishing village on the brink of catching and processing 37 million sockeye salmon.   Why?   “Our purpose is twofold.”, says organizer, Sharon Thompson.    “The first is to provide a sustainable funding source to operate and implement a constant improvement program for the Little Angels Childcare Academy 501(c)(3) serving the fishing community of Naknek, Alaska.     The second is to provide an event immediately preceding the fishing season for the world's largest wild salmon fishery in the world with the intent to better connect the community with the industry that so heavily relies on the wild fishery.”