2018 Bristol Bay Fish Expo 

Celebrating Our Past | Sustaining Our Future

Little Angels Childcare Academy


Our Other Most Valuable Resource...


Our fish are providing sustenance for our children and a loving and safe environment for their early childhood education in their most critical stages of development. Your participation in the Bristol Bay Fish Expo fundraising event makes quality and affordable childcare programs available for local families.


All proceeds of the 2018 Bristol Bay Fish Expo benefit the Little Angels Childcare Academy 501(c)(3) Non profit.



Our Successful First Year...

In 2016 we began plans to create Little Angels Childcare Academy in an effort to make quality childcare available and affordable for local families. In searching for a sustainability plan for this program, we turned to our amazing wild salmon resource for an annual fundraiser. Proceeds from the 1st Annual Bristol Bay Fish Expo went directly to Little Angels Childcare Academy. This, along with a donation from the Bristol Bay Borough and generous support from the community and fishing industry enabled us to open our door in October 2017. 

Our Vision Beyond...

Bristol Bay Expo (our annual fundraiser) is critical to support of Little Angels Childcare Academy.   With your support in 2018, we will be completing our official certifications, as well as, recruitment of a professional Program Manager.    Our community of Naknek (600) supports the 10's of thousands of visitors who annually make their way to work in the largest wild fisheries harvest in the world.  Supporting the Bristol Bay Expo accomplishes for our community a safe, nurturing, consistent environment for our children.