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2018 Bristol Bay Fish Expo Program

The Opener...

This opening ceremony will  kick off the 2nd annual Bristol Bay Fish Expo. Keynote speaker NN Cannery History Project Historian Katie Ringsmuth will address the 2018 Bristol Bay Fish Expo theme, Celebrating Our Past | Sustaining Our Future. The NN Cannery History Project is a partnership with Trident Seafoods, the Alaska Association of Historic Preservation and the National Park Service that aims to preserve, document and share the unique experience of cannery life. Another highlight of the event will be when our local children will present local elders with the “First Fish” of the season.

When: Friday,  June 8, 2018 10:00 AM      Where: Bristol Bay School   Who:  Exhibitors, Sponsors, Donors, Attendees.

MugUp Conversations...

Let's continue to build and retain our rich history.  The ongoing MugUp Event will provide a space that celebrates the stories of cannery work. On hand will be:

  • Archivists from the National Park Service ready to scan photos, newspaper clipping, food lists, union cards, immigration papers, business records, labels, plats, maps, and old instruction manuals.
  • Project curators will be available to photograph artifacts such as tools and equipment, raingear, models, wooden boxes, paintings, and other memorabilia.
  • industry veterans and historians will help identify the unknown. 

MugUp is a colloquial word for coffee break and is an expression used only in canneries. MugUp fueled cannery workers with caffeine and pastries, provided a respite from the monotony of the slime line and momentarily brought people together from around the world.

When: Friday,  June 8, 2018  10:00 AM - Saturday June 9 2018 5 PM   Where: Bristol Bay School   Who:  Exhibitors, Sponsors, Donors, Attendees.


Hosted by: Alaska Peninsula and Becharof National Wildlife Refuges.  This new event will provide a venue for the poets, storytellers and bullshitters of Bristol Bay to tell their stories. Fishermen, Cannery workers, and everyone involved in our industry is welcome to share their art.

When: Friday,  June 8, 2018 12:00 PM     Where: Bristol Bay School   Who:  Exhibitors, Sponsors, Donors, Attendees.

Fashion Show...Live Auction

The hottest styles in Bristol Bay will hit the runway this summer, from commercial fishing gear to original designs and wearable art.  All fashion items will be auctioned off at our Live Auction.  This is the premier event of the 2nd Annual Bristol Bay Fish Expo!  The Live Auction Event is an important opportunity for your business to be featured while Expo Attendees mingle, network and bid competitively on industry items such as, merchandise, artwork and services. 

When: Friday,  June 8, 2018 7:00 PM Sat     Where: Bristol Bay School   Who:  Exhibitors, Sponsors, Donors, Attendees.

Speed Hiring...

Designed for Captains AND Crew!   Compatibility in tight quarters is key and can make or break your season. The Speed Hiring event is designed to provide a venue for face-to-face interviews where Captains can find their crew.   Think of the sound a clock ticking.   Now imagine your walk into a room and sit on the crew or captain side of the table and introduce yourself, with the purpose to have the best qualified and prepared crew for the 2018 season.     Make sure you don't miss this.    It's day 2 !

When: Saturday,  June 9, 2018 9:00 AM      Where: Bristol Bay School   Who:  Exhibitors, Sponsors, Donors, Attendees.